High School (9-12) Curriculum

Students grades 8-11 and their parents work together each year to set a schedule that meets graduation requirements and piques student interests. Here are a few tips to help students and parents build a schedule:

1. Take care of requirements first. Know what is needed for graduation or selection into your post-secondary program. Get these requirements taken care of as soon as possible during your high school career.
2. Balance your schedule. Take at least one class that changes the pace, meets a special interest, or seems new and exciting to you.
3. Stretch a bit more each semester. Taking one or two classes outside of your comfort zone helps you grow.
4. Think Advanced Placement (AP). AP courses are the best way to practice the skills and demands of college level coursework.
5. Think of the big picture. Life is too short to waste even part of one year. Students who shy away from challenging courses, especially their senior year, invariably return to tell us this decision didn’t pay off.

Across Fort Zumwalt we strive to ensure that every post-secondary opportunity is available for our students to explore. The right courses, academically challenging and interest-friendly, will go a long way in making the next school year one of the best ever and ensuring that students are well-prepared for opportunities that await them after high school.

Use the link at left to the High School Career and Educational Planning Guide.